What’s the difference between a dream and a fantasy?

A dream is a vision that you pursue relentlessly, with purpose, intention and focus.

A fantasy is a figment of the imagination that has no substance. Like a mirage in the desert it disappears under scrutiny.

Both are ideas that form in the imagination. What exactly sets them apart?

The big differences are these 3 qualities: purpose, intention and focus; followed up with the ONE ingredient that will make that dream real:

ACTION — The 3rd Phase of Creation

As a reminder, here’s a review of the first 2 phases of the process of creation:

1st phase- Creation starts with an idea that forms in the mind.

2nd phase- Those ideas transform into words.

And then in the 3rd phase those words lead to actions.

Your commitment to making your dreams real can be directly measured by your willingness to take actions that have purpose, intention and focus. Each day, the actions you choose can either take you towards or away from your dreams.

This is a good point to pause for a moment and ask yourself: How committed are you to bringing your dreams to life?

I know first hand that there are a thousand distractions and just as many obstacles waiting to keep me from taking the right actions. This is something that everyone who wants to create their ideal life faces.

Let’s take look at a few of the behaviors that can derail you:

Distractions like Facebook, Twitter, email, TV… Any activity that doesn’t move you towards your dream is a distraction.

Throughout each and every day, it’s helpful to check in and assess whether your actions are taking you closer to your dreams or sabotaging your progress.

If you truly want to make your dreams real, then distractions are the DREAM KILLERS.

More and more we are consumed by a belief that being busy is being productive. Nothing could be further from the truth. Creation requires intention, focus and purpose. You’re unlikely to find any of those things on Facebook, Twitter or TV.

Distractions are a way of playing it safe.

And then, there’s distraction’s evil twin: EXCUSES.

“I was just too busy today to get anything done on my dreams.” (Or substitute any one of a thousand excuses here. Believe me, I’ve used ‘em all.)

Giving in to distractions and excuses is the result of a belief that you don’t deserve whatever it is that you desire.

I’m calling BULLSHIT on that!!!

I’m here to tell you that your dreams are divine desires! They are gifts that have been given to you by the universe, and yes, you deserve them.

Obstacles will arise as well, and they can take many forms. Fears, doubts and a lack of faith in your abilities will create the biggest obstacles that you will face.

Almost every obstacle that will arise is self-created. Negative beliefs, buried deep in the subconscious, have immense power over our actions. These beliefs have been planted throughout our lives (I talk about how to overcome this programming here).

One sure way to overcome these obstacles is to take actions that have purpose, intention and focus. Of course there’s a Catch-22 here, the obstacles block you from taking action, and yet taking action is the best cure for the obstacles.

The way to overcome this is to take ONE small step every day, no matter what. As you begin to make progress and have success, you will create momentum.

It’s your choice: make your dreams real with belief, faith and purposeful actions or allow distractions, excuses and obstacles stop you.

If you’re reading this, I’m going to guess that you choose to make your dreams real!

The key is to take purposeful actions every day, that move you closer and closer to creating the life you desire.

ACTION will bring your dreams to life!

Next week I’ll show you how to identify and accomplish the essential activities that will make your dreams real.

To YOUR freedom!


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