It’s time to eliminate distractions, excuses and obstacles. And replace them with: engagement, purpose and miracles.

Are you really ready to make your dreams real? I mean really?

If you’re not ready, that’s cool. I mean most folks aren’t. They’re content with life the way that it is.

But, here’s the thing: If you answered yes (and I hope you did!), then I have to share a dose of reality with you.

Making your dreams real requires action, focus, intention and most importantly — effort.

It ain’t gonna happen until you put in effort, lots of effort.

Distractions, excuses and obstacles are the dream killers. They are the primary symptoms of complacency.

But you’re no longer willing to fall victim to the dream killers. Are you? Nope, I didn’t think so.

You’re ready to take action, live with intention, and be open to miracles.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? I think so too!

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying: Love what you do and never work another day in your life.

This concept is the key that unlocks your dreams and frees you from the death-grip of complacency.

This is a major shift from what we’re taught, and it’s not always easy in the beginning. We have our routines and habits that keep us comfortable.

So, what does it take to transform distraction to engagement, excuses to purpose, and obstacles to miracles?

First and foremost it takes desire, and by desire I mean a deep yearning for something different. This desire is what drives the first 2 phases of creation (read about them here).

But it takes action to turn desire into reality.

Last week, I promised to show you how to identify and accomplish the essential activities that will make your dreams real.

Alright, here it is:

1) Know what you want!
– You can only create what you can see clearly.
(Do not go to step 2 until you have completed step 1)

2) Ask yourself: “How would the person I want to become do what I want to do now?”
– This question will open your mind to new possibilities.

3) Eliminate distractions, excuses and obstacles.
– Do this now! Don’t let the dream killers win!

4) Engage your mind.
– Distractions numb your brain.
– Engagement stimulates your brain.
– So, read, learn, think. Do anything that activates your consciousness.

5) Align with your purpose
– Follow your dreams and you will discover your purpose.

6) Expect miracles
– The greatest lie we are told is that miracles are rare and happen only to others.
– I’m here to tell you that miracles happen all the time.
– In fact, you are one!

7) Take action
– Expect to fail the first time.
– Stand up, take more action.
– Expect to fail again.
– Stand up again, take more action.
– Rinse and repeat until you are living your DREAMS!!!

Ok, that’s all great. But what are the right actions, you ask?

The right actions are anything that takes you closer to your dreams. Here are some suggestions:

– Study others who have done what you want to do.
– Do what they did.
– Be true to yourself.
– Turn off the TV!!!
– Log off of social media!!!
(Unless it moves you closer to your dreams. In some cases it will.)
– Get outside.
– Commune with nature.
– Notice the miracles all around you (they truly are everywhere).
– Laugh!
– Cry!
– Dance!
– Follow your dreams.

Seriously, do it. Please do it. Follow YOUR DREAMS!!!

The world needs more of YOU!

Next week we’re going to look at the 4th Phase of Creation: Realization of your dreams!

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