You know what’s really cool?

Every single one of us has the ability to create an amazing life.

In fact, you already know how to create your life. You do it every day.

But, few of us create our lives consciously. We never truly tap into our innate ability to manifest.

See here’s the thing: we all live, we all love, and we all create. Unfortunately, too often we live small, we close our hearts, and we end up unconsciously creating a life that doesn’t reflect our divine nature.

What if you tried things a little differently and amped it up a bit?

Live fully!

And access all that life has to offer:

– Be present in every moment.
– Get out of the stands and onto the field.
– Engage in life!

– No more observing.
– Turn off the TV.
– Log off of Facebook.

– Have face to face conversations.
– Spend time in nature.
– Soak up the sun.
– Breathe in the air.
– Tune into the rhythm of the Universe.

Love your life!

Love is the key that unlocks your soul and gives you access to your innate ability to manifest. Start with some of these suggestions:

– Recognize the gifts you already have.
– Smile more.
– Laugh more.
– Love MORE.

– Start a gratitude journal.
– Call someone you haven’t been in touch with recently and tell them you love them.
– Hug a friend (or 2, or 3, or…)
– Always smile first (the first one to smile wins)!

Create your life!

If you’d like to make some changes and create the life you desire, make a commitment to yourself to try some of these ideas:

– Dream!
– Dream BIG!
– Believe and have Faith.

– Make a plan.
– Take one small step every day.
– Leave your comfort zone.
– Make mistakes (the only failure is if you quit trying).
– Learn from your mistakes (this is the key to wisdom).
– Rinse and REPEAT.

There is only one person who can create the life of your dreams and that person is YOU!

Choose at least one thing in each category above and try them out today. To create a different life, you are going to need to try something different.

Get started today – before you know it, you’ll be living, loving and creating the life you truly desire.

To YOUR freedom,


P.S.- Are you already doing some of these things, or do you have some other ideas? Leave me a comment below and let me know how you LIVE, LOVE and CREATE.

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