Words are powerful. They give birth to our ideas.

We use words to describe the ideas that we want to manifest, thereby giving them form, shape and substance.

We take these ideas, conceived in our minds through inspiration and imagination, and we transform them with our words.

We turn a mental image into something that has energy and presence in the physical world.

However, as these ideas emerge from our consciousness they become altered. The ideal image that we hold in our mind becomes something different as it is filtered through our beliefs.

If the idea in mind is a seed, then this phase of creation is the very first sprout of that idea emerging from the ground.

This 2nd phase might be the most crucial in the process of creation.

As a reminder, here are the four phases of creation

1st Phase: Inspiration turns into —> A seed-idea in mind  (Learn about the 1st Phase here)
2nd Phase: Ideas in mind grow into —> Words (either spoken or written)
3rd Phase: Words lead to —> Actions
4th Phase: Actions result in —> Manifestation

If we continue with this seed metaphor, then your mind is the soil in which the seed idea grows https://ind….india/11/.

An inspired idea that forms in a mindset of creation will emerge vibrant and alive.

An inspired idea that forms in a mindset of doubt (or fear), will emerge withered and weak.

This is why your mindset is so important.

Your mindset is made up of your conscious and sub-conscious beliefs. And these beliefs lead to how you see your ideas manifesting in your life.

Do you remember the three belief questions that I asked you last week?

Do you believe that you are a creator?

Do you believe it’s possible to consciously create the life you desire?

Do you believe that you can master The Art of Manifestation?

If you’re having a hard time bringing your ideas to reality in the way you would like, then it might be helpful to look more closely at the beliefs that might be holding you back.

Your seed idea germinates in those beliefs. And then, as that idea sprouts and emerges into the physical world, it takes on the form that your words describe.

Here’s a quick example of how negative beliefs and words sabotaged my own life for too long:

As a child I was diagnosed as seriously dyslexic. I was told that I was “slower” than other kids, that I would always struggle with reading, and that writing would always be extremely difficult for me.

These diagnoses became my beliefs. As a result, I came to believe that I could not read or write, that I was a poor student, and subsequently I dropped out of college after two years.

And then I read a book called the Gift of Dyslexia. I learned that I didn’t have a disability; instead I learned that there are incredible gifts that come from being dyslexic (it’s somewhat ironic that reading a book freed me from all of those damaging beliefs about dyslexia).

I discovered that so many of my natural abilities were a direct result of my dyslexia. Visual thinking, problem solving, BIG picture visioning, these are all gifts of dyslexia.

This information was so illuminating; it completely restructured my beliefs. Now I study, read and write all the time. In fact, I am now a full-time writer. Imagine that!

You see, when my beliefs changed, my ideas about my life began to germinate in a completely different mindset. The words I used to describe my life shifted from doubt and fear, to belief and faith in my abilities.

This has allowed me to create a life of creativity, born from the ideas and words that I now use to describe my ideal life.  As I speak and write that story, I make it real.

So, what seed-ideas would you like to see sprout in your world?

And, how can you transform your beliefs, so that you too can start creating your ideal life?

Next week we’re going to look at Phase 3: Transforming words into action.

In the meantime, dream BIG and have FUN creating your ideal life.

To YOUR freedom!


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