What stops you from creating the life you truly desire?

Is it money? Time? The economy? Your boss, wife, husband…?

Guess what?

It’s none of those things.

So, do you want to know what it is?

This might be hard to hear, and I just might upset some folks with this, but here it is:

There is only ONE thing standing between you and the life you desire, and that thing is YOU!

I remember the first time someone said this to me. I was working with one of my mentors and I had given him all the reasons why I just couldn’t do the things he was saying that I should do. For every challenge he gave me, I had an excuse, based on conditions in my life, for why I couldn’t do it.

“But these are your dreams,” he said.

I felt mad at him, and completely indignant! “If you only knew how hard things have been for me, the struggles I’ve faced. Then, you’d understand.”

It felt so safe to stand behind a wall of victimhood. Nothing was my fault, as long as I could blame it on anything and everything outside of myself.

However, I soon learned that as long as I played the victim and blamed my situation on other people and outside circumstances, I was powerless to change things.

I have since realized that this was the single most most empowering thing that I have ever heard:

There is only ONE thing standing between you and the life you desire, and that thing is YOU!

There’s another way to look at this that I think might help. So yes, you are the one thing standing between you and your dreams…

AND you are the ONLY one who can make your dreams come true.

To put it another way, you are the obstacle and the solution.

There’s powerful magic that occurs when you accept this statement. When you can get this, and I mean really get it, then you become unstoppable. You become fully empowered to create exactly the life you desire.

You see, when I say that YOU are the only obstacle, I don’t mean that it’s the actual you. That’s not really who you are.

It’s what you have come to believe is you.

Because, we have been taught that we are inadequate; that we are not capable of creating the life we truly desire. Besides, who are we to deserve that life anyways?

We have come to believe that all those fears and doubts that have been programmed into our consciousness are true.

Now, I want you to really take this in:

Nothing could be further from the truth, because I know absolutely without any doubt that all of us hold the potential to create our lives consciously, to choose our path and to chose our destination.

And now that you know the truth, YOU can finally set yourself free. All it takes is a conscious choice; a choice to no longer believe what doesn’t serve you.

The first step is accepting that you have been the obstacle, and then the second step is knowing that you are the solution.

Knowing that you are the solution, gives you the power to rewire your consciousness. You now get to choose what beliefs go into your consciousness, which will completely change the way you see your life.

Really, there are just 4 steps to rewiring your consciousness and setting yourself free from the fears and doubts that have sabotaged you and held you back:

1. Accept that you are the obstacle.

2. Accept that you are the solution.

3. Eliminate negative programming and influences.

4. Surround yourself with support and inspiration.

Today, we covered steps 1 and 2. Next week I’ll go into detail on how to identify and eliminate the negative programming and influences, and then in two weeks how to identify the support and inspiration you will need to create the life you truly desire.

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