Let’s face it there are days when life is hard, really hard. It seems as if there’s never enough of what you want. Not enough time, money, joy, love… You name it. It all feels in short supply.

And guess what? You’re right. At least that’s what I used to believe. And then I discovered the simplest way to change any challenge I was going through into a blessing.

I am a father of two amazing sons and there was a period when they were both in their early teens when things became extremely difficult around the home. There were lots of arguments and not a lot of fun. I was struggling with how to bring calm and peace to the family and was at my wit’s end in trying to make that happen.

One morning I was sitting and meditating in hopes of finding an answer to this dilemma. As I came out of my meditation, I became aware of the deep love that I held for my sons.  I realized that it was this love that was my motivation for wanting to restore peace in our family so that we could all more openly express the love we felt for each other.

As I sat with this realization I felt a tidal wave of gratitude wash over me for my sons and for everything they had brought to my life. I began to journal about the limitless times they had brought me joy, laughter, and love. Memories of our lives together filled my heart and pushed out the anger and hopelessness I had been feeling.

Over the next few days there was a perceptible shift in the energy in our home. The fighting subsided, the tension eased, and more importantly the laughter returned. Nothing had changed except for my expression of gratitude.

This is the power of gratitude. When we focus on what we want, that thing grows. And it works the other way as well: When we focus on what we don’t want that will grow as well. By focusing on the joy, laughter and love that I had experienced with my sons, more joy, laughter and love were created.


There is a multiplying power to gratitude that is unlike anything else. Try it and see what happens. I’d love to hear how it goes.


Peace & Love,


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