At The Art of Freedom, we teach people how to consciously create their lives. We talk about dreams and how to make them real.

But, I have a confession to make.

You see, I know that some of my dreams will never become real.

I am never going to be Richard Branson or Elon Musk. The chances of me becoming a billionaire or founding a private space company are pretty slim.

As kids we were told that no dream is too big: Reach for the stars; try harder and you can become a professional athlete; any kid can grow up to be president… Then, as adults we are bombarded by images of models and movie stars selling us stuff that will make us just like them.

Subconsciously we know that these things will never happen.

I will never be George Clooney.

And, that’s ok.

However, I really do believe that we can consciously create our lives. But, I think that sometimes we dream sooooooo big as a way to protect ourselves.

Let me explain that one: When we don’t become a movie star, astronaut, pro-athlete, whatever it was, then we can safely rest in the knowledge that it was never really possible to begin with.

How can you fail, when the dream was never possible?

This is the single most sabotaging belief we can hold.

The dream was never possible…

This belief becomes the reason, and excuse, for every future dream that remains unrealized. As a result we simply stop trying and all too often, even stop dreaming!

But, here’s the thing, I’m a dreamer. Always have been. Always will be.

And, I will continue to dream of a life of radical freedom, as I continue to consciously create my life.

And you should too.

Because here’s the thing: Achieving the dream isn’t what it’s all about.

The true value of any dream is who you become, as you work to achieve it.

Who you become as you journey towards your dream will always be far more important than what you actually achieve.

The world is full of miserable hedge fund managers who are worth millions. And, the world is even more full of us ordinary folks, who are happy and content, (and maybe even occasionally ecstatic) as we live our lives full of love, joy and fulfillment.

So, I will continue to dream of owning my own island in the Bahamas, like Sir Richard Branson, AND I will be content with my life as it is now, as I strive to release my full potential.

The key to finding this peace of mind is found by asking yourself this one question:

How would the person I want to become do the thing that I am about to do now?

When you can begin to act from the consciousness of who you want to become, then you are already living your dreams.

The outer trappings of money and material wealth are far less important than a mindset of creation.

Because when you are able to truly create your life from that mindset, then the rest of your life transforms as well.

And, we’ve been doing it all wrong. We tend to think that in order to become who we want to be, we first have to have certain things.

In other words, we believe that we need to DO some things (degree, job, career) in order to HAVE some things (house, car, money), before we can BE who we want to to be (happy).

Kinda like this: DO—> HAVE —> BE

Actually, this concept is totally backwards.

We first need to BE who we want to be, in order to DO what we want and HAVE what we desire.

SO, it actually looks like this:

BE —> DO —> HAVE

So, no, I will never be George Clooney, Elon Musk or Sir Richard Branson, but I will be the very best ME I can possibly be. I will act from the consciousness of the person I want to become, as I create the life I desire.

Will you join me?

Ask yourself:
– Who do you want to become?
– What ideal life do you want to create?

Maybe it’s as simple as deciding to become that person now, so you too can start living the life you desire NOW.

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