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The Art of Freedom Philosophy

The teachers and students we work with fully embrace the changes they’re seeking and they have incredible success.

Whether it is to promote and share a fantastic program from our faculty side of the platform, or it may be the students who take our courses and those whom we work with.

We are the way to success and conscious creation and we love to see our students strive toward their potential, discover the many gifts they have to share and make the world a better place for all of us.

About Michael

A creator at heart, Michael LeValley started working in theater at the age of sixteen and has been a lifelong entrepreneur. He has been an antique reproduction furniture maker, theater set builder and stay at home father. His biggest gig was developing commercial real estate projects. At the peak, his company had over twenty-million dollars in projects and 5 full-time employees.

His most rewarding creative project was raising his two sons as a stay-at-home dad.
Michael went on to develop two artist studio complexes in northern California. He has also coached creative professionals and business owners in realizing their dreams.

In 2014 Michael launched the Art of Freedom community. Michael is passionate about inspiring and instructing others to live lives of complete freedom.

About Stacy

Stacy spent the first part of her career in education. For over 20 years she built school communities, traveled the world leading teens on service and cultural expeditions, and trekked through the desert with teens on vision quests. She has been in charge of a multitude of programs from inception to development. These programs helped to create long lasting traditions.

She is also a Mom to a very vibrant 24-year-old daughter who lives in Los Angeles.

Stacy Q&A

When people ask me what I do for a living, I say:

I am the co-founder of The Art of Freedom, a thriving, vibrant, fun online platform for conscious creation, creativity, community and change.

When people ask me who I am, I say:

I’m Stacy Mae, a Jersey girl with a California heart of gold, who is blessed to create this life joyfully doing it all with my partner in life and love. We live The Art of Freedom by example!

But what I really want to say is:

I’m a total school nerd, big geek! I love to teach! I love building schools! I love to create community. I have over 20 years in education and community building working to create schools that embrace, evolve, and thrive.

But what I really, really want to say is:

I have been to hell and back. I was a really young mom, yep—I used federal assistance and I had to declare chapter 11 at one point. I was also riddled with shame about these things, but now have the confidence to share.

About Michael & Stacy

Michael and Stacy met at a meditation retreat in Northern California in 2014. They didn’t know each other, but were paired together during the first exercise of the weekend and recognized one another on a soul level.

Stacy and Michael connected after the retreat and began a beautiful friendship.

By Spring, Stacy wrote to Michael about a meeting up in Berkeley and asked him if he was free that evening. It was a special first date for both of them. One that in hindsight, they knew would be the last first date for each of them.

Today, Michael and Stacy make their home together in Northern California among bee hives, rolling pasture lands and the wild Sonoma Coastline. They can often be found hiking in West Marin or in the kitchen cooking a delicious meal.

They live The Art of Freedom.


Our courses awaken the power of your imagination to create the life you’ve always wanted. This is the art that allows you to unleash your freedom.

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