Last week I wrote about the Terrible Triplet Demons of Doom: Fear, Doubt and Anxiety. And I caught some major flack for the image I used to represent those triplet demons. (In case you missed it you can see that evil image here)

Now I gotta say, I love babies.

Fear, doubt and anxiety- The Terrible Triplet Demons of Doom! Responsible for more sleepless nights than Freddy Kruger.

Have these little fellas ever woken you up at night?

Or had a fight in your tummy until you thought you were gonna heave?

Or worse yet, have these three demons stopped …

Call me a desert rat. I’ve never truly lived in the desert, but I have spent a lot of time there during the past 40 years!

Mojave, Joshua Tree, Death Valley, Pear Blossom, Palm Springs (not the resort town), Arizona, New Mexico, Utah…

These places conjure up some of my

Two Bunch Palms Hot Springs
Desert Hot Springs, California

February 11, 2013

Desert Hot Springs is a short drive from Los Angeles but feels like a different world. After five days of sitting in uncomfortable chairs in a hotel conference room it was time to unwind before hitting the road.…