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Dr. Paul Hasselbeck

Dr. Paul haselbeck

Author, Teacher, Master of Metaphysics

Becoming Exceptional

Through his Masterclasses on Heart Centered Metaphysics, his Metaphysical Romp Podcast and in his one-on-one spiritual mentoring Paul has helped thousands of students to Become Exceptional.

In this Quest you will:

  • Learn how to Become Exceptional and what becomes possible when you elevate your consciousness
  • Learn to change your beliefs so that you can break free of the behaviors that have been sabotaging you
  • Discover your 12 Archetypal Powers and how to use them to create anything
  • Get out of the stands and onto the field, mastering the game of life
Michael and Stacy

Michael & Stacy

Co-Founders of The Art of Freedom

Conscious Creation

AWAKEN to your awesome potential
CREATE the life you’ve always dreamed about
THRIVE in ways that would make King Midas jealous

Stacy and Michael are bringing back their Conscious Creation course for an encore run. Learn to clarify your dreams, develop a mindset of powerful manifestation, and take purposeful action as you make your dreams real.

Mary Knight

Mary Knight

Founder of Love Magnet Coaching, Bestselling Author, Podcaster, Certified Life and Law of Attraction Coach

Loving Love Again

Move from frustration and boredom to BEDROOM BLISS in 4 Simple Steps. Discover simple BODY, MIND and ENERGY FIELD techniques to bring back that Lovin’ Feelin’

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