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The Art of Freedom brings together students and teachers ready to live a life of greater freedom.

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“The Art of Freedom’s Manifestation Mastercourse is for anyone who wants more fulfillment in their life, business, and relationships. It really is the path to freedom. Freedom looks differently to each of us I imagine. They helped me take that first step and keep going. I am so grateful to have helpful support on this journey to freedom. Honestly, it is not easy, but the alternative of staying where I was… not an option!”

Melanie Linebaugh Hernandez,
Integrative Health Solutions

“It is refreshing to work with Michael and Stacy because they are people who walk their talk. I observe them living lives they love- and authentically finding joy from helping others do the same. I appreciate that the material they share is accessible, relatable, and can be used to fit my unique needs. These tools bring graceful structure to what can otherwise feel overwhelming. They have created a game-changing program and I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of this extraordinary experience.”

Eden Rumelt,

The Art of Freedom


The Art of Freedom stands for the radical self-empowerment of ALL people.

The Art of Freedom is a community of creators, artists, teachers, students, and visionaries who seek to raise their consciousness in order to create a better world.

The Art of Freedom believes that manifestation is not a miraculous event. Manifestation is a teachable skill available to ALL people.

The Art of Freedom teaches that YOU can consciously create the life you desire, by discovering clarity, developing your mindset and taking purposeful action.

The Art of Freedom inspires YOU to awaken to your unlimited potential, create the life you’ve always desired, and thrive by claiming your true magnificence.

Our community is here, and ready to play a bigger game.

The Art of Freedom


Courage! Confidence! Contentment!

Last week I wrote about the Terrible Triplet Demons of Doom: Fear, Doubt and Anxiety. And I caught some major flack for the image I used to represent those triplet demons. (In case you missed it you can see that evil image here) Now I gotta say, I love babies. I’m a...

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Fear! Doubt! Anxiety!

Fear, doubt and anxiety- The Terrible Triplet Demons of Doom! Responsible for more sleepless nights than Freddy Kruger. Have these little fellas ever woken you up at night? Or had a fight in your tummy until you thought you were gonna heave? Or worse yet, have these...

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Good news! I didn’t die!

Call me a desert rat. I’ve never truly lived in the desert, but I have spent a lot of time there during the past 40 years! Mojave, Joshua Tree, Death Valley, Pear Blossom, Palm Springs (not the resort town), Arizona, New Mexico, Utah… These places conjure up some of...

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