It’s time to eliminate distractions, excuses and obstacles. And replace them with: engagement, purpose and miracles.

Are you really ready to make your dreams real? I mean really?

If you’re not ready, that’s cool. I mean most folks aren’t. They’re content with life the way that it is.

But, here’s …


What’s the difference between a dream and a fantasy?

A dream is a vision that you pursue relentlessly, with purpose, intention and focus.

A fantasy is a figment of the imagination that has no substance. Like a mirage in the desert it disappears under scrutiny.

Both are ideas that form …


Words are powerful. They give birth to our ideas.

We use words to describe the ideas that we want to manifest, thereby giving them form, shape and substance.

We take these ideas, conceived in our minds through inspiration and imagination, and we transform them with our words.

We turn a …