Seriously, what are you up to?

Is your life expanding, standing still, or contracting?

It is a law of nature that we are here to grow, expand, thrive and create.

Spend a little time in nature and you’ll see this law in action. The birds are singing, as they fly from tree to tree, gathering materials and building their nests. Notice, they don’t worry about lack.

And the tall majestic trees sway in the breeze; growing imperceptibly, and yet unceasingly. Every year they grow taller and taller as they produce their acorns, pine cones or seeds, and thus insure that the forest itself will forever grow.

Humans however, are unique in our ability to be able to choose to stop growing. Our divine gift of free will comes with a burden of choice: whether to thrive and create or become complacent and indifferent.

Too often we chose the latter- complacency and indifference. Why?

I ended up learning the answer to this question the hard way:

For most of my life I allowed childhood wounds and trauma to control my life. This created fears and doubts that left me frozen and unable to achieve my true potential.

Self-medication and entropy sustained this way of life for decades, and to answer the question I posed at the beginning: I was up to nothing.

I knew there was supposed to be more to life, but I felt as if I were lost in a deep, dark, pea-soup fog.

It took one of the most traumatic episodes of my life to turn everything upside down and lead me to see the world from a totally new perspective. (You can read that story here)

Some people are blessed to make it through to adulthood relatively unscathed. And some of us wake up later in life. But, It doesn’t have to take a massive trauma to awaken.

So, I ask again:

What are you up to?

Are you already awake and up to something BIG? Or, are you waiting for outer circumstances to turn everything upside down?

Since waking up, I’ve learned that being “up to something” can be a CHOICE. Now I can consciously choose to create my life. And here’s how you can do it too:

1) Choose a dream
– Any dream big, or small.
– Don’t wait for the dream to come to you, seek it out!
– Pursue your dream relentlessly.

2) Share your dream
– Tell it to the people who love and support you.
– Sharing your dream initiates the process of creation.

– Make a plan for making your dream real.
– Take at least one step towards your dream every day.

4) Expect and Accept
– Expect that what you desire already exists.
– Prepare to accept the gifts of the universe.
– Know in your heart that you deserve them!

Don’t wait for life to dictate your circumstances! Pick a dream today and get started by declaring it in the comment section below below.

Declaring your dream is the first step in bringing it to life!

To YOUR freedom!


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