I spent most of my 20’s in a fog of substances that I used to self-medicate. It was the only way I knew how to mask the pain.

Somehow I was able to accomplish some pretty cool stuff. I was a rock ’n’ roll stagehand, a master carpenter building sets for theater and opera, and I worked on a couple of feature films. I also taught myself how to build furniture and started a custom furniture studio, specializing in antique reproductions.

I was good at all of those things, despite the substance use, but I knew inside that I was nowhere near my true potential.

Truth be told, my 30’s weren’t much different. The activities changed, and I became a father, but the substances remained. And a deepening awareness began to arise. I knew that I was capable of so much more.

This awareness began to eat away at my confidence and I began to loathe the man I saw in the mirror.

Suddenly I found myself in my 40’s. I was a good Dad. And I had built a successful business developing studio spaces for artists. Then, like many others, I lost it all in the recession.

My world turned upside down. I had no choice but to rebuild from the ground up.

The gift of this situation was the opportunity to start from scratch, to rebuild my life exactly as I wanted.

It was as if I were handed a seed from which I could grow the life I desired.

Have you ever looked at an acorn? I mean really looked at it. I once heard someone say that some folks look at an acorn and see an acorn; while others look at it and see the majestic oak tree that exists within the acorn.

I remember hearing that and being blown away by the concept that the seed holds the magnificent potential of creation!

But this magnificence remains only a possibility until the seed is planted in rich, fertile soil.

And then BAM!!! It hit me- this is true for us as well. We have all that potential within us.

And, the tragedy is that too often it remains there, bottled up inside.

That’s exactly what I had done. I had allowed my potential to remain bottled up inside.

I knew I couldn’t ever go back to the way things were. Right then, I embarked on a voyage of discovery. I voraciously devoured books on spirituality, manifestation, abundance and creativity. After years of study I began to see more clearly the potential I actually held.

And this was my biggest take away: Now that I could see my potential clearly, I was able to grow into it. I went on to discover my purpose and create a life that was fulfilling and rewarding.

My own potential took root and it continues to grow day by day.

So, I’m curious: Have you ever felt as if there was more to life, as if it was time to reclaim your life?

You can. Its NEVER too late to begin again. And it’s such a gift to reclaim your life and create it with the wisdom you have now.

So, about that acorn…

I’ve come to realize that it’s potential is truly limitless. The tree that sprouts from it will grow tall and strong. It will go on to produce more acorns, which will create even more trees. Those trees then can also grow big and strong.

So, that one tiny acorn actually holds the potential to create an entire forest of mighty, majestic oak trees!

And if that tiny acorn can do all that, what can you do?

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