Every one of us received a gift before we were even born.

And in that same instant the universe was given the same gift.

Each gift is totally unique. As unique as each of the billions of souls who have inhabited this planet.

That gift is YOU, not you, but YOU. Yes, YOU are that gift.

YOU in all your radiance. YOU who have so much to offer the world. YOU who shines with the light of a thousand suns.

YOU are magnificent.

The greatest tragedy of all, is when someone loses sight of their magnificence.

When I see a baby, I see pure love, pure potential, pure innocence.

Then fast forward a few decades, and all too often that potential seems to have been lost. But actually that potential can never be lost, rather it becomes obscured, shrouded and in some cases completely blocked.

Traumas and wounds from childhood, and the pain of adolescence, followed by the responsibilities of adulthood all combine to dim that bright shining light.

Survival seems to be the most we can hope for.

But here’s the thing, you can never extinguish that bright shining light. Never! It still burns bright, deep within your soul.

And here is the second greatest gift we can ever receive: Discovering that your light NEVER dies.

Once you know, truly know, that all of that love, potential and innocence are all still burning bright, you can begin to identify and disempower anything that obscures, shrouds or blocks it.

Release the traumas, the wounds, the pain. Holding on to them only gives more power to the events of the past . The sooner you can disempower them, the sooner you can access the awesome potential that you have inside.

This is not an easy process. I know that first hand. But, I can tell you that it is worth it.

Start small; enlist help form trusted friends, seek out counseling, follow a mentor. Whatever path you choose start today.

We need your light. We need your heart. The world is desperate for more of YOU.

Reawaken the dreamer in you. Activate that awesome potential. And create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

To YOUR freedom!

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