The Art of Freedom is an online educational community for seekers of truth, self-empowerment, and, above all, radical transformation. We offer courses for students ready to discover new and powerful tools to step into their greatness as human beings.

Our courses are designed and led by renowned thought leaders and entrepreneurs who all have the same goal: to empower you to consciously create the life that you want and deserve.



 The Art of Freedom stands for the radical self-empowerment of ALL people.

Our courses are accessible to everyone. We believe that ALL human beings have the power to radically transform their circumstances by overcoming limiting beliefs and becoming conscious creators of their own lives. It’s never too late to take charge of your life and destiny.

 The Art of Freedom is a vibrant community of creators, artists, teachers, students, and visionaries who seek to raise their consciousness in order to create a better world.

Beyond offering powerful tools and resources through our trainings, we are here to create a dynamic, uplifting community that will support you on your journey to living your best life and impacting the world with your unique gifts. We know that transformation is a collective process that must be rooted in a community of like-minded individuals.

The Art of Freedom believes that manifestation is not a miraculous event. Manifestation is a teachable skill available to ALL people.

You are manifesting every day, whether consciously or not — and whether you like what you see in front of you, or not. The good news is manifestation is a very teachable skill that you can consciously develop and implement into your daily life. We are here to empower you with the tools to manifest what it is that you desire, with consistency.

The Art of Freedom teaches that YOU can consciously create the life you desire, by discovering clarity, developing your mindset and taking purposeful action.

We are here to guide you into a state of more heightened awareness regarding what it is that you wish to create, and to support you as you take targeted action steps towards making your vision a reality.

The Art of Freedom inspires YOU to awaken to your unlimited potential, create the life you’ve always desired, and thrive by claiming your true magnificence.

Life is an awakening journey, and the learning never ends. Wherever you are in your process of discovery, there are always exciting and uncharted territories of growth in front of you. As a human being, you do have unlimited potential. Our community is living proof of this, as told through the stories of healing and empowerment of our students and teachers.

About The Founders

Michael & Stacy

Michael and Stacy first met at a meditation retreat in 2014; since then, they’ve become collaborators and co-conspirators in life and business, with a unified mission: to support as many individuals as possible in reaching radical self-empowerment through conscious creation apotheke-zag.de/.  

The Art of Freedom is an extension of their joint desire to transform the world.

About Michael

Michael has been on a life-long quest to discover the inner workings of self-empowerment and conscious creation. This led to a series of successful entrepreneurial adventures, which culminated in a thriving real estate development business. Then, during the housing market crash in 2008, Michael hit “rock bottom” when his business collapsed. Instead of allowing these events to define him, he made a choice to rise from the challenge and reclaim his life.

After thousands of hours of personal development education with some of the best thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and manifestation teachers, Michael developed the tools to empower and change his life completely (that ultimately led him to meet his co-creator and soul partner Stacy). Out of this transformation, The Art of Freedom was born.

Michael believes we are all capable of creating the life we desire, and his sole passion is to inspire others to consciously create their lives.

And of course, Michael would not be who he is today without his greatest teachers: his two sons.

About Stacy

Stacy has a unique background that combines education, developmental psychology, and spirituality.  As a former high school Dean and community leader for adolescents, she has fostered the growth of hundreds of teenagers, both as an educational mentor and as a leader of service and cultural expeditions overseas.

Her passion for education and personal development has led her, alongside Michael, to develop courses that are easily accessible around the world.

One of Stacy’s greatest accomplishments has been raising her daughter Arianna, who is now 25. Stacy is proud of the relationship they have built, healing a legacy of mother/daughter strife from generations past.

Stacy is also an amazing fiber artist and accomplished writer.

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