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“Their Manifestation Mastercourse is for anyone who wants more fulfillment in their life, business, and relationships. It really is the path to freedom. Freedom looks differently to each of us I imagine. They helped me take that first step and keep going. I am so grateful to have helpful support on this journey to freedom. Honestly, it is not easy, but the alternative of staying where I was… not an option!”

Melanie Linebaugh Hernandez,

Integrative Health Solutions

“Michael has given me an incredible gift. He has helped me to understand who I am at my core. Michael is skilled at finding the things that hold you back. He has offered tools to help me get out of my own way so that I can reach my full potential.”

Lia Rose, Musician

“It is refreshing to work with Michael and Stacy because they are people who walk their talk. I observe them living lives they love- and authentically finding joy from helping others do the same. I appreciate that the material they share is accessible, relatable, and can be used to fit my unique needs. These tools bring graceful structure to what can otherwise feel overwhelming. They have created a game-changing program and I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of this extraordinary experience.”

Eden Rumelt,

“I truly felt guided by Michael LeValley’s mentorship. I now see that mastery is possible in all areas of my life and that there is limitless space for possibility, opportunity and real success.”

Bill Russell, Bill Russell Design

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